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BC-71259 JQ 779 A45 I54 2009 Indonesian political parties : from party machinery to political volunteerism : reflections on representatives of seven Indonesian political parties, 2008 Main Library
BC-71262 GC 1023.81 E18 P46 2013 People. partners. progress : PEMSEA accomplishment report 2011-2013. Main Library
BC-71276 HQ 1236.5 D45 P47 2012 A critical analysis of the efficacy of law as a tool to achieve gender equality Persadie, Natalie Renée Main Library
BC-71278 GC 1015.2 S43 2008 Securing the oceans : essays on ocean governance : global and regional perspectives Main Library
BC-71279 PS 374 N4 G73 2004 Masculinist impulses : Toomer, Hurston, Black writing, and modernity Grant, Nathan Main Library
BC-71280 TK 7871.99 M44 V65 2007 Latchup Voldman, Steven H. Main Library
BC-71281 QA 613.2 M37 2007 Outer circles : an introduction to hyperbolic 3-manifolds Marden, Albert Main Library
BC-71282 K 3476 G74 2014 Asian data privacy laws : trade and human rights perspectives Greenleaf, G. W. Main Library
BC-71290 P 381 P5 M34 1977 Northern Philippine linguistic geography McFarland, Curtis D. Main Library
BC-71297 KF 8748 E27 2007 Earl Warren and the Warren Court : the legacy in American and foreign law Main Library
BC-71299 JK 468 I6 L47 2015 When should state secrets stay secret? : accountability, democratic governance, and intelligence Lester, Genevieve Main Library
BC-71300 BL 65 P7 R45 2015 Religion as a category of governance and sovereignty Main Library
BC-71301 HC 102.5 F74 K45 2006 "Get me the White House!" : the untold story of Victor Frenkil's rise from immigrant obscurity to prominence in the turbulent worlds of business and politics Kelly, Jacques Main Library
BC-71302 JV 7048 D58 2015 Diversities old and new : migration and socio-spatial patterns in New York, Singapore and Johannesburg Main Library
BC-71303 LC 213.2 C66 2014 Constructing critical consciousness : narratives that unmask hegemony and ideas for creating greater equity in education Main Library
BC-71304 HQ 281 T73 2012 Trafficking in slavery's wake : law and the experience of women and children Main Library
BC-71305 Q 101 T72 Transactions of the National Academy of Science and Technology. Main Library
BC-71306 JS 2061 P37 2009 Participatory innovation and representative democracy in Latin America Main Library
BC-71312 In Process Nan solat isnan Hebreo : salodsod ya kanta. Main Library
BC-71313 In Process Pundayaw i Apu Dios. Main Library
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