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BC-71301 HC 102.5 F74 K45 2006 "Get me the White House!" : the untold story of Victor Frenkil's rise from immigrant obscurity to prominence in the turbulent worlds of business and politics Kelly, Jacques Main Library
BC-71195 PN 6790 P6 M65 2016 12: 01 Molina, Russell Main Library
BC-73295 PN 4784 T4 C78 2022 A complete guide to television, field, and digital producing Cruikshank, Sally Ann Main Library
BC-73319 GN 316 S88 2022 A concise introduction to cultural anthropology Sutton, Mark Q. Main Library
BC-71276 HQ 1236.5 D45 P47 2012 A critical analysis of the efficacy of law as a tool to achieve gender equality Persadie, Natalie Renée Main Library
BC-72108 BC 199 F5 K76 2019 A critical introduction to fictionalism Kroon, Fred Main Library
BC-71930 QA 372 Z54 2018 A first course in differential equations with modeling applications Zill, Dennis G. Main Library
BC-71034 QD 466 S78 2018 A guide to the elements Stwertka, Albert Main Library
BC-73409 RA 790.5 P47 2021 A mental health provider's guide to telehealth : providing outpatient videoconferencing services Perle, Jonathan Main Library
BC-72683 QH 541 N54 2020 A new ecology : systems perspective Nielsen, Soren Nors Main Library
BC-71855 JC 574 W35 2018 A new politics from the left Wainwright, Hilary Main Library
BC-73333 PE 1475 Y67 2022 A pocket guide to scientific writing in aquaculture research Yossa, Rodrigue Main Library
BC-71786 QA 76.9 D26 H64 2018 A practical guide to database design Hogan, Rex Main Library
GRC-3655 HG 173 G76 2017 A primer in financial data management Groot, Martijn Graduate Resource Center
BC-72260 GF 75 T43 2010 A teacher's guide : incorporating education for sustainable development into world heritage education. Main Library
BG-16826 PL 6056 T66 1981 A Topical vocabulary in English, Pilipino, Ilocano and Eastern Bontoc Main Library
BC-73410 R 733 L96 2021 A whole person approach to wellbeing : building sense of safety Lynch, Johanna Main Library
BC-73231 SB 112.5 A25 2021 Abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants Main Library
BC-73325 P 301.5 A27 C87 2021 Academic writing and reader engagement : contrasting questions in English, French, and Spanish corpora Curry, Niall Main Library
KTRC-876s HC 79 E5 D45 2014 Accessing the people's survival fund : finding the right balance with access modalities and institutional agreements for the PSF Dela Cruz, Angelo Karlos T. Knowledge and Training Resource Center
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