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BC-71715 P 95.8 M54 2019 Civic media literacies : re-imagining human connection in and age of digital abundance Mihailidis, Paul Main Library
BC-71716 QC 903 T45 2017 Climate change and natural disasters : transforming economies and policies for a sustainable future Thomas, Vinod Main Library
BC-71717 T 385 B75 2016 Fluid simulation for computer graphics Bridson, Robert Main Library
BC-71718 JA 73 S49 2017 The craft of political research Shively, W. Phillips Main Library
BC-71719 HV 4915 M66 2017 Animal experimentation : a guide to the issues Monamy, Vaughan Main Library
BC-71720 HC 441 E94 2018 The everyday political economy of Southeast Asia Main Library
BC-71721 QA 76.9 D343 S73 2018 Statistical data science Main Library
BC-71723 H 61.28 B75 2018 Doing interviews Brinkmann, Svend Main Library
BC-71725 SF 996.5 F86 2018 Fundamentals of laboratory animal science Main Library
BC-71726 JQ 1631 G38 2017 Japanese politics and government Gaunder, Alisa Main Library
BC-71727 TK 5105.6 A65 2018 Applied media studies Main Library
BC-71728 P 96 S78 M33 2018 Interactive narratives and transmedia storytelling : creating immersive stories across new media platforms McErlean, Kelly Main Library
BC-71729 PN 4888 F35 M36 2018 Fake news : falsehood, fabrication and fantasy in journalism McNair, Brian Main Library
BC-71730 PN 4784 T34 C43 2017 Drones and journalism : how the media is making use of unmanned aerial vehicles Chamberlain, Phil Main Library
BC-71731 P 60 D46 2019 Why study linguistics Denham, Kristin E. Main Library
BC-71733 PA 3969 E65 2018 How to be free : an ancient guide to the stoic life : Encheiridion and selections from Discourses Epictetus Main Library
BC-71734 PN 4781 B812 2018 Investigative reporting : from premise to publication Burstiner, Marcy Main Library
BC-71735 JC 11 F85 2015 Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy Fukuyama, Francis Main Library
BC-71736 B 505 N87 2018 The therapy of desire : theory and practice in Hellenistic ethics Nussbaum, Martha Craven Main Library
BC-71737 JC 423 G65 2018 An epistemic theory of democracy Goodin, Robert E. Main Library
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