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BG-16962 JS 7302 A2 R57 2002 How to make local governance work : listening to the citizens' voice and taking action : the final scorecard Roberto, Ned Main Library
BG-16963 JQ 1409.5 C6 I58 2000 Investigating Estrada : millions, mansions and mistresses Main Library
BG-16964 HN 717 U64 1991 Philippine rural development : problems, issues, and directions Main Library
BG-16966 HM 881 B68 2001 Grass roots and cadre in the protest movement Boudreau, Vincent Main Library
BG-17107 In process Cultural miners : cultural and creative workshops for the youth and children of Loacan, Itogon Main Library
BG-17191 SD 397 M25 P75 2018 Manual on nursery and outplanting of beach forest trees Primavera, Jurgenne H. Main Library
BG-17409 P 91.5 S68 E58 2022 Environment, media, and popular culture in Southeast Asia Main Library
BG-17429 S 616 P5 R48 2021 Revitalizing Philippine irrigation : a systems and governance assessment for the 21st century Main Library
GRC-1eb GRC-ebook Competitive strategies for academic entrepreneurship commercialization of research-based products Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3433 HF 5616 P5 P57 2016 PFRS Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3551 HD 58.7 I89 2018 Organizational behavior and management Konopaske, Robert Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3561 HG 4012 H65 2015 Excel modeling in corporate finance Holden, Craig W. Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3567 HB 171.5 S642 2016 Economics for business Sloman, John Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3570 HG 4026 F67 2017 Foundations of finance : the logic and practice of financial management Keown, Arthur J. Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3574 HF 5438.5 P47 2012 Strategic advertising management Percy, Larry Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3576 HD 4901 E34 2015 Modern labor economics : theory and public policy Ehrenberg, Ronald G. Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3610 HD 30.28 C37 2018 Cases in strategic management Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3644 HD 30.22 S247 2016 Managerial economics : principles and worldwide applications Salvatore, Dominick Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3645 HD 60 H67 2017 CSR and sustainability : from the margins to the mainstream : a textbook Hopkins, Michael Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3646 HD 30.3 H37 2019 Applied organizational communication : theory and practice in a global environment Harris, Thomas E. Graduate Resource Center
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