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BC-72711 HM 831 M58 2017 Participatory visual methodologies : social change, community and policy Mitchell, Claudia Main Library
BC-72712 GN 345 S34 2016 Ethnography in action : a mixed methods approach Schensul, Jean J. Main Library
BC-72713 GN 345 L43 2015 Ethics in ethnography : a mixed methods approach LeCompte, Margaret Diane Main Library
BC-72714 H 62 R32 2013 Ethics and values in social research Ransome, Paul Main Library
BC-72715 Q 180.55 M67 C35 2017 Covert research : the art, politics and ethics of undercover fieldwork Calvey, David Main Library
BC-72885 RS 403 P38 2018 An introduction to medicinal chemistry Patrick, Graham L. Main Library
BC-73121 P 91.5 S68 E58 2022 Environment, media, and popular culture in Southeast Asia Main Library
BC-73227 NC 890 O38 2020 The complete guide to drawing for beginners : 21 steb-by-step lessons Ogura, Yoshiko Main Library
BC-73229 QP 33 H55 2022 Animal physiology Hill, Richard W. Main Library
BC-73231 SB 112.5 A25 2021 Abiotic stress tolerance in crop plants Main Library
BC-73296 PE 1128 A2 A87 2021 Assessing academic English for higher education admissions Main Library
BC-73298 P 94.6 H65 2021 Intercultural communication : an advanced resource book for students Holliday, Adrian Main Library
BC-73300 PL 913 B965 2021 Intermediate Korean : a grammar and workbook Byon, Andrew Sangpil Main Library
BC-73304 PN 4781 I58 2021 Investigative journalism Main Library
BC-73305 BF 323 L5 B76 2020 The listening advantage : outcomes and applications Brownell, Judi Main Library
BC-73306 P 91.3 D59 2020 Media theory for A level : the essential revision guide Dixon, Mark Main Library
BC-73307 BF 637 N66 B87 2022 Nonverbal communication Burgoon, Judee K. Main Library
BC-73310 P 91.3 B73 2022 Qualitative research methods for media studies Brennen, Bonnie Main Library
BC-73312 GN 476.7 U58 2021 Traditional ecological knowledge and global pandemics : biodiversity and planetary health beyond Covid-19 Unuigbe, Ngozi F. Main Library
BC-73313 QA 377 E24 2018 Methods for partial differential equations : qualitative properties of solutions, phase space analysis, semilinear models Ebert, Marcelo R. Main Library
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