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BC-66980 TT 174 M37 2015 Maglaro tayo! : toys and learning materials based on Adarna Books Martin, Ruth V. Main Library
BC-66983 DS 666 B7 G5 2015 Sacrifice and sharing in the Philippine highlands : religion and society among the Buid of Mindoro Gibson, Thomas Paul Main Library
BC-66994 DS 523.2 C53 2014 Classical civilisations of South East Asia : an anthology of articles published in the Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies Main Library
BC-66995 HD 61 S54 2015 The power of resilience : how the best companies manage the unexpected Sheffi, Yosef Main Library
BC-66996 HF 3838.A783 C38 2014 Catalyst for change : Chinese business in Asia Main Library
BC-66997 HD 2891.85 Y36 2014 Ethnic Chinese business in Asia : history, culture and business enterprise Yan, Qinghuang Main Library
BC-66998 HM 831 G56 2015 Global modernization review : new discoveries and theories revisited Main Library
BC-66999 HD 70.A78 O94 2014 The Oxford handbook of Asian business systems Main Library
BC-67000 JQ 776 C47 2004 Challenging authoritarianism in Southeast Asia : comparing Indonesia and Malaysia Main Library
BC-67001 HB 615 C626 2004 Chinese business in Southeast Asia : contesting cultural explanations, researching entrepreneurship Main Library
BC-67002 UA 832.8 C66 2009 Colonial armies in Southeast Asia Main Library
BC-67003 D 767 T64 2015 The conquering tide : war in the Pacific Islands, 1942-1944 Toll, Ian W. Main Library
BC-67004 DS 526.3 E35 2016 Early modern Southeast Asia, 1350-1800 Main Library
BC-67005 DS 557.7 A54 2004 Ending the Vietnam War : the Vietnamese communists' perspective Ang, Cheng Guan Main Library
BC-67006 HG 5740.8 A3 F87 2004 The future of foreign investment in Southeast Asia Main Library
BC-67007 D 16.16 H66 2015 Honour, violence and emotions in history Main Library
BC-67008 DS 526.7 T38 2010 Regionalism in Southeast Asia : to foster the political will Tarling, Nicholas Main Library
BC-67009 DS 556.3 R48 2004 Rethinking Vietnam Main Library
BC-67010 D 743 B48 2015 Rethinking World War Two : the conflict and its legacy Black, Jeremy Main Library
BC-67011 DS 558.6 S64 G93 2010 Southeast Asia and the Vietnam War Ang, Cheng Guan Main Library
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