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BC-70536 BF 724.55 A35 A35 2018 Aging wisely ... wisdom of our elders Main Library
BC-70537 HM 1111 F47 2017 The messages we send : social signals and storytelling Ferrari, G. R. F. Main Library
BC-70538 PR 428 M355 B37 2018 Early modern English literature and the poetics of cartographic anxiety Barrett, Chris Main Library
BC-70540 PR 9082 C35 2017 The Cambridge companion to postcolonial poetry Main Library
BC-70541 P 95.455 M66 2017 The monologic imagination Main Library
BC-70543 P 115.45 H67 2018 Introducing multilingualism : a social approach Horner, Kristine Main Library
BC-70547 P 118.2 S25 2018 Salience in second language acquisisiton Main Library
BC-70548 PN 3352 T74 A77 2018 Fictional translators : rethinking translation though literature Arrojo, Rosemary Main Library
BC-70549 PE 1404 B74 2018 Workplace wrting : beyond the text Bremner, Stephen Main Library
BC-70550 P40.3 D73 2018 Experimental research methods in sociolinguistics Drager, Katie Main Library
BC-70551 PL 720 K39 2018 The uses of literature in modern Japan : histories and cultures of the book Kawana, Sari Main Library
BC-70563 PQ 8097 N4 E8313 1975 [Extravagario English and Spanish] Extravagaria: bilingual edition Neruda, Pablo Main Library
BC-70576 PQ 8097 N4 V4313 1972 The captain's verses = Los versos del capitaan Neruda, Pablo Main Library
BC-70579 PN 1993.5 E37 W59 1971 New cinema in Eastern Europe Whyte, Alistair Main Library
BC-70594 PN 1998.3 B48 T66 1995 Bernardo Bertolucci : the cinema of ambiguity Tonetti, Claretta Mitcheletti Main Library
BC-70595 PN 1998.3 G63 M33 2005 Godard : a portrait of the artist at seventy MacCabe, Colin Main Library
BC-70596 DS 772.2 P89 1964 From emperor to citizen : the autobiography of Aisin-Gioro Pu Yi Puyi Main Library
BC-70597 PS 3613 A35 P37 2011 Partitions : a novel Majmudar, Amit Main Library
BC-70598 PE 1479 C7 A77 2011 Analysis and critique : how to engage and write about anything Armstrong, Dorsey Main Library
BC-70599 PR 6120 O73 S25 2007 Salmon fishing in the Yemen Torday, Paul Main Library
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