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BC-71701 B 105 E46 K75 2018 Virtuous emotions Kristjánsson, Kristján Main Library
BC-71702 KZ 6368 N86 2019 The use of force under international law : lawyerized states in a legalized world Nunez-Mietz, Fernando G. Main Library
BC-71703 B 803 C36 2017 The Cambridge history of philosophy in the nineteenth century (1790-1870) Main Library
BC-71704 JA 85.2 U6 N49 2019 New directions in media and politics Main Library
BC-71705 JV 6255 M54 2019 Migration, protest movements and the politics of resistance : a radical political philosophy of cosmopolitanism Main Library
BC-71706 LB 1028 O33 2019 Planning your qualitative research thesis and project : an introduction to interpretivist research in education and the social sciences O'Donoghue, T.A. Main Library
BC-71707 HQ 1062 M66 2019 Women and retirement : challenges of a new life stage Moore, Susan Main Library
BC-71708 D 16.14 M46 2013 Memory and history : understanding memory as source and subject Main Library
BC-71710 HG 1978 H46 2018 Behavioral finance for personal banking : from the art of advice to the science of advice Bachmann, Kremena Main Library
BC-71727 In process Applied media studies Main Library
BC-71728 P 96 S78 M33 2018 Interactive narratives and transmedia storytelling : creating immersive stories across new media platforms McErlean, Kelly Main Library
BC-71729 In process Fake news : falsehood, fabrication and fantasy in journalism McNair, Brian Main Library
BC-71730 PN 4784 T34 C43 2017 Drones and journalism : how the media is making use of unmanned aerial vehicles Chamberlain, Phil Main Library
BC-71731 Why study linguistics Denham, Kristin E. Main Library
BC-71732 News framing effects Lecheler, Sophie Main Library
BC-71733 In process How to be free : an ancient guide to the stoic life : Encheiridion and selections from Discourses Epictetus Main Library
BC-71739 In process Hard luck : how luck undermines free will and moral responsibility Levy,Neil Main Library
BC-71740 In process Cultural history : a concise introduction Arcangeli, Alessandro. Main Library
BC-71741 In process Why should we obey the law? Klosko, George Main Library
BC-71742 In process In the shape of tradition : indigenous art of the Northern Philipines Anderson, Eric Moltzau Main Library
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