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BC-70541 P 95.455 M66 2017 The monologic imagination Main Library
BC-70543 P 115.45 H67 2018 Introducing multilingualism : a social approach Horner, Kristine Main Library
BC-70544 PS 169 E25 Z37 2017 Literature as cultural ecology : sustainable texts Zapf, Hubert Main Library
BC-70545 PS 323.5 F45 2017 The Poetry of the Americas : from good neighbors to countercultures Feinsod, Harris Main Library
BC-70547 P 118.2 S25 2018 Salience in second language acquisisiton Main Library
BC-70548 PN 3352 T74 A77 2018 Fictional translators : rethinking translation though literature Arrojo, Rosemary Main Library
BC-70549 PE 1404 B74 2018 Workplace wrting : beyond the text Bremner, Stephen Main Library
BC-70550 P40.3 D73 2018 Experimental research methods in sociolinguistics Drager, Katie Main Library
BC-70551 PL 720 K39 2018 The Uses of literature in modern Japan : histories and cultures of the book Kawana, Sari Main Library
BC-70554 PR 9499.3 C4678 /F74 1998 Freedom song Chaudhuri, Amit Main Library
BC-70555 PQ7082 N7 O5 1989 On modern Latin American fiction : a survey Main Library
BC-70556 PK 5461 I56 1990 The Inner courtyard : stories by Indian women Main Library
BC-70558 PQ 8097 N4 R413 1973 Residence on Earth = Residencia en la tierra Neruda, Pablo Main Library
BC-70559 ND553 G27 /E35 1997 Gauguin's skirt Eisenman, Stephen F. Main Library
BC-70560 PN 2287 S39 K45 1991 Martin Scorsese : a journey Kelly, Marry Pat Main Library
BC-70563 In process. Extravagaria : a bilingual edition Neruda, Pablo Main Library
BC-70570 HC 445 T395 2008 Thai capital : after the 1997 crisis Main Library
BC-70571 PQ 8498.32 A65 /Cap 1978 Captain Pantoja and the special service Vargas Llosa, Mario Main Library
BC-70574 PN 1998.3 I42 C48 2006 Im Kwon-Taek Chung, Sung-il Main Library
BC-70575 PN1998.3 Y53 K56 2007 Lee Chang-dong Kim, Yŏng-jin Main Library
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