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BC-69477 PL 6165.4 M247 B53 2017 Bienvenida de soltera : mga dula Magtoto, Liza C. Main Library
BC-69481 DS 12 C43 2015 Changing cultures and religious practices in Asia Main Library
BC-69503 D 802 P5 D48 2016 Kulaboretor! : the issue of political collaboration during World War II De Viana, Augusto V. Main Library
BC-69504 PS 9993 E53 F57 2016 The fish pearl and other stories Enriquez, Antonio Reyes Main Library
BC-69505 HC 79 P6 P38 2016 Pathways out of poverty : selected essays from the Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies Main Library
BC-69511 PL 6165.4 G85 P55 2016 Pilat ng digma : mga teleplay Guieb, Eli Rueda Main Library
BC-69512 PL 6165.4 T662 K33 2016 Kabataang kulturang popular at mga sanaysay sa kartograpiya ng disaster at aktibismo sa Filipinas Tolentino, Rolando B. Main Library
BC-69513 JS 7303 A2 S66 2015 Tulong : an articulation of politics in the Christian Philippines Soon, Chuan Yean Main Library
BC-69514 HD 6195 S25 2015 Neither a pedestal nor a cage : in pursuit of genuine equality in the Philippine workplace Salcedo, Emily Sanchez Main Library
BC-69515 PS 9993 B73 N48 2017 The newspaper widow Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra Main Library
BC-69517 DS 663 K75 2015 Kritikal na espasyo ng kulturang popular Main Library
BC-69692 B 111 C63 2015 Across the ancient philosophical world : essays in comparative philosophy Co, Alfredo P. Main Library
BC-69745 PE 1408 K694 2017 Successful writing at work Kolin, Philip C. Main Library
BC-69832 Thesis Budget expenditures of government programs to protect overseas Filipino workers Ilas, Krizelle Mae A. Main Library
BC-69897 DT 1058 S36 R47 2018 Research and activism among the Kalahari San today : ideals, challenges, and debates Main Library
BC-69901 HB 501 F33 2018 Capitalism and inclusion under weak institutions Fabella, Raul V. Main Library
BC-69908 DS 688 C6 S65 2017 Dap-ay discourse uno : activist perspective of Cordillera history and social change Solang, Benedict P. Main Library
BC-69967 LB 1707 D48 2011 Developing research in teacher education Main Library
BC-70000 JK 468 P64 S53 2016 The art of policymaking : tools, techniques and processes in the modern executive branch Shambaugh, George E. Main Library
BC-70004 LB 1576 B45 2014 Transformational literacy : making the common core shift with work that matters Berger, Ron Main Library
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