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ACD-1802 Thesis Women in a man's world : the Herma Shipyard, Inc. as a gendered organization Guanzon, Anette Kristine Ti˝ga Main Library
ACD-1803 Thesis The organizational culture of the Northern Luzon Debate Council Gorgonio, Sheena Lou Diaz Main Library
ACD-1804 Thesis Addressing the alleged illegal drug transactions in Pines City National High School Dela Cruz, Princess Jaira Celestino Main Library
ACD-1805 Thesis The cultures of acquiescence and resistance among GMODA jeepney drivers Aquino, Ma. Claye Aphrodite Main Library
ACD-1806 Thesis Disempowered women : a critical content analysis of the representation of women in selected K-12 public elementary textbooks Cresencia, Jemimah Keziah Ducusin Main Library
ACD-1807 Thesis Galing hardin : an illustrated resource on DOH's endorsed medicinal plants to advocate for the use of Philippine traditional medicine Crespo, Carmela Isabel C. Main Library
ACD-1808 Thesis Promoting farming as a viable profession in Pangasinan for high school students through educational stop-motion utilizing rice husk (ipa) Ramos, Don Ray Perez Main Library
ACD-1809 Thesis Inertia weight analysis in particle swarm optimization for mobile robot path planning Gutierrez, Maria Marinela M. Main Library
ACD-1810 Thesis Twitter as a public sphere during the issue on Marcos burial Donan, Kimberly Mae Main Library
ACD-1811 Thesis Reportage of 24 Oras on the battle in Marawi, Philippines : a critical discourse analysis Catacutan, Gianne Coleen Perez Main Library
BC-66367 PL 6165.4 S217 S54 2015 Si Janus Silang at ang labanang manananggal-mambabarang Samar, Edgar Calabia Main Library
BC-67581 Thesis Displaying the diversity of dancers through zoetrope animation Mondoy, Czarina Bianca De Ocampo Main Library
BC-67908 BF 637 C6 C58 2017 Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy Corey, Gerald Main Library
BC-69217 GB 5014 N38 2011 Nature's extremes : earthquakes, tsunamis and the other natural disasters that shape life on Earth Main Library
BC-69310 DS 668 T675 2016 To the people sitting in darkness ... and other footnotes of our past Torres, Jose Victor Z. Main Library
BC-69314 HD 57.7 H39 1995 Reawakening the spirit in work Hawley, Jack Main Library
BC-69467 PS 9993 B73 M34 2016 Magdalena : a novel Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra Main Library
BC-69474 PN 1993.5 P5 T65 2016 Indie cinema at mga sanaysay sa topograpiya ng pelikula ng Filipinas Tolentino, Rolando B. Main Library
BC-69475 DS 665 S37 2016 Learning from the Filipino diaspora : lessons of resistance and critical intervention San Juan, Epifanio Main Library
BC-69476 PS 9991.4 H53 2015 Filipino woman writing : home and exile in the autobiographical narratives of ten writers Hidalgo, Cristina Pantoja Main Library
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