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BG-16964 HN 717 U64 1991 Philippine rural development : problems, issues, and directions Main Library
BG-16965 KF 5618 J8 1997 B35 The Philippine justice system : the independence and impartiality of the judiciary and human rights from 1986 till 1997 Bakker, Jan Willem Main Library
BG-16966 HM 881 B68 2001 Grass roots and cadre in the protest movement Boudreau, Vincent Main Library
BG-16974 HD 909 C6 M462 Population growth and customary land law : the case of Cordillera villages in the Philippines Mendoza, Lorelei Crisologo Main Library
BG-16975 DS 688 C6 U543 no.5 Buaya society de Raedt, Jules Main Library
BG-16976 DS 666 T5 D42 The Tinguian de los Reyes, Isabelo Florentino Main Library
BG-16977 KF 5624.31 A4 P54 Operation : highland wind : a compilation of laws and administrative issuances on agrarian reform and ecological conservation in the Cordilleras Main Library
BG-16978 S 302 C5 S68 Sourcebook on the Central Cordillera Agricultural Program. Main Library
BG-16979 KF 5624.15 I8 /86 Itneg (Tinggian) : justice and conflict resolution Dumagat, Fay L. Main Library
BG-16980 HB 3650 C5 M45 Essays on decision-making in rural households : a study of three villages in the Cordillera Region of the Philippines Mendoza, Lorelei Crisologo Main Library
BG-16981 QK 99 P5 C66 1989 Common medicinal plants of the Cordillera Region (northern Luzon, Philippines) : a trainor's manual for community-based health programs Co, Leonardo L. Main Library
BG-16982 GF 852 P6 L48 Wagering the land : ritual, capital, and environmental degradation in the Cordillera of northern Luzon, 1900-1986 Lewis, Martin W. Main Library
BG-16983 DS 660 G37 1975 German travelers on the Cordillera : (1860-1890) Semper, Carl Main Library
BG-16984 PS 9993 B88 D44 Democracy among the mountaineers Main Library
BG-16985 DS 688 C6 R66 E5 Opinions on Cordillera autonomy Rood, Steven,Seaurthor Main Library
BG-16986 DS 688 C6 U54 no.30 An ethnoarchaeological report on adult jar burial practice in the Central Cordillera Northern Philippines Brett, June Prill Main Library
BG-16987 DS 688 C6 U54 no.29 Thoughts on indigenous knowledge Mendoza, Julius D. Main Library
BG-16988 LG 225 B3 H35 1988 Bishop Brent's Baguio school : the first 75 years Halsema, James J. Main Library
GRC-2240 HD 31 S55 1997 Administrative behavior : a study of decision-making processes in administrative organizations Simon, Herbert A. Graduate Resource Center
GRC-3206 HD 31 G756 2013 Management principles and practices Griffin, Ricky W. Graduate Resource Center
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