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BC-70435 HM 1011 A24 2018 Experiments with people : revelations from social psychology Frey, Kurt P. Main Library
BC-70436 PL 2283 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of classical Chinese literature (1000 BCE-900 CE) Main Library
BC-70437 QP 360 K44 2019 Biological psychology Kalat, James W. Main Library
BC-70439 QH 430 H37 2018 Genetics : from genes to genomes Hartwell, Leland Main Library
BC-70440 SB 976 M55 M53 2017 Microbial control of insect and mite pests : from theory to practice Main Library
BC-70441 QD 415 C482 2018 Chemistry in context : applying chemistry to society Fahlman, Bradley D. Main Library
BC-70442 GB 5014 A24 2017 Natural disasters Abbott, Patrick L. Main Library
BC-70443 TC 413 D58 2016 GIS and geocomputation for water resource science and engineering Dixon, Barnali Main Library
BC-70444 QD 453 E45 2017 Physical chemistry Elliott, Joanne Main Library
BC-70445 P 107 F76 2017 An introduction to language Fromkin, Victoria Main Library
BC-70446 QA 76.9 A25 W54 2012 Low tech hacking : street smarts for security professionals Wiles, Jack Main Library
BC-70447 HQ 1190 G76 1995 Space, time, and perversion : essays on the politics of bodies Grosz, E. A. Main Library
BC-70449 RA 643.7 A78 P67 2006 Population dynamics and infectious diseases in Asia Main Library
BC-70450 DS 595 M34545 2017 Malaysians and their identities Main Library
BC-70452 HQ 1233 H25 2012 Gaga feminism: sex, gender, and the end of normal Halberstam, J.Jack Main Library
BC-70453 GN 366 C63 2002 Diaspora and identity: the sociology of culture in Southeast Asia Clammer, John Main Library
BC-70454 LC 196.5 P6 S54 2018 A liberating education for Filipinos: critical notes of an insurgent scholar Simbulan, Roland G. Main Library
BC-70455 QH 77.3 I63 2006 Indigenous people & the convention on biological diversity Main Library
BC-70456 KPM 2315 L62 1993 Local government code of 1991 : R.A.7160. Main Library
BC-70457 TA 140 I28 A43 2013 Dominador I. Ilio : engineer, poet, writer Alamon, Arnold Main Library
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