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ACD-1871 Thesis Urea-induced nematophagy of saprophytic fungi Caronongan, Allia Khatisijah Marie J. Main Library
ACD-1872 Thesis Plankton composition in relation to water physico-chemical characteristics of Philex mine tailings storage facility of Benguet, Philippines Lacson, Joyce Fatima Maninang Main Library
ACD-1873 Thesis Isolation and identification of taxol-producing endophytic fungi from Annona muricata and Psidium guajava Derilon, Unessa Mae Dionela Main Library
ACD-1874 Thesis Presence of light organs for symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria in selected Philippine Loligo spp Domingo, Imee B. Main Library
ACD-1875 Thesis Quorum quenching activity of epiphytic bacteria from the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii against coral-associated biofilm-forming Vibrio spp. Cabarle, Kyle Benedict C. Main Library
ACD-1876 Thesis Quorum quenching activity of epiphytic bacteria from the seagrass Thalassia hemprichii against coral-associated biofilm-forming Vibrio spp. Cabarle, Kyle Benedict C. Main Library
ACD-1877 Thesis Teratogenic effect of the ethanolic extract of Makabuhay stem (Tinospora crispa) on the morphology of BALB/c mouse fetuses Cagoco, Russelle Roeae E. Main Library
ACD-1878 Thesis Analysis of microplastic debris in the water and filter feeders at two coastal sites in Northern Luzon, Philippines Sharief, Kawthar M. Main Library
ACD-1879 Thesis Assessment of the occurrence of biofouling barnacles on marine debris from northern Philippine waters Ballesteros, Lorraine Wander A. Main Library
ACD-1880 Thesis Establishing sterilization and callus induction protocol for tissue culture of Vitex parviflora Juss., an endangered Philippine hardwood species Almazan, Gneiss Louie Gem C. Main Library
ACD-1881 Thesis Profiling of the nonconopeptides in the envenomation strategy of Conus lenavati through high-throughput sequencing platforms Constantino, Elcid V. Main Library
ACD-1882 Thesis Attraction of lepidopteran, dipteran, and orthopteran insects by forest litter-associated Mucor irregularis through bioluminescence Chinayog, Maricon P. Main Library
ACD-1883 Thesis Assessment of limnoterrestrial tardigrade-moss assemblage in University of the Philippines, Baguio Bacuyag, Florence Mae S. Main Library
ACD-1884 Thesis Population properties of Cycas zambalensis in Botolan and San Antonio, Zambales Santos, Jaidee Ritzelle R. Main Library
ACD-1885 Thesis Vegetation analysis of mine tailings in early stages of phytostabilization Fetesio, Emmeline Jirah P. Main Library
ACD-1886 Thesis Correlational analysis of edaphic factors and ground invertebrate diversity on selected sites of Mount Pulag National Park Suratos, Renzo Kouji Cruz Main Library
ACD-1887 Thesis Distribution of amorphophallus species in Cagayan and Isabela, Northern Luzon Ancheta, Jan Marielle C. Main Library
ACD-1888 Thesis Antibacterial and antibiofilm potential of methanolic extracts of Parmotrema species found in Baguio City, Benguet against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and multidrug-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Dela Cruz, Clinth Jezter G. Main Library
ACD-1889 Thesis a-amylase-conjugated biogenic silver nanoparticles as innovative strategy against biofilm-forming multi-drug resistant bacteria Abeleda, Harold Emman P. Main Library
ACD-1890 Thesis Fluorescence detection of a leptospirosis-related oligomer using CdS quantum dots synthesized by the acidotolerant fungus Trichoderma asperellum Bal-iyang, Kenworth Bryle P. Main Library
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