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BC-67364 BF 76.5 C67 2015 Methods in behavioral research Cozby, Paul C. Main Library
BC-67365 QD 33.2 B38 2016 Introduction to chemistry Bauer, Richard C. Main Library
BC-67366 QH 541 M553 2016 Ecology : concepts and applications Molles, Manuel C. Main Library
BC-67367 QH 545 A1 E34 2015 Effects and management of greenhouse gases Main Library
BC-67368 P 306.5 W75 2016 Literary translation Wright, Chantal Main Library
BC-67369 PN 203 L63 2015 The modes of modern writing : metaphor, metonymy, and the typology of modern literature Lodge, David Main Library
BC-67370 PN 56 T5 A93 2015 Present tense : a poetics Avanessian, Armen Main Library
BC-67371 RA 781.68 V54 2015 Power yoga for athletes : more than 100 poses and flows to improve performance in any sport Vigue, Sean Main Library
BC-67372 BF 637 P36 B53 2016 The art of coaching : a handbook of tips and tools Bird, Jenny Main Library
BC-67373 GB 661.2 H93 2015 Hydrological basis for water resources management Main Library
BC-67374 HM 623 S45 2014 The rhetorical power of popular culture : considering mediated texts Sellnow, Deanna D. Main Library
BC-67375 H 62 J46 2016 Doing real research : a practical guide to social research Jensen, Eric Allen Main Library
BC-67376 HV 3176 D55 2015 Cultural diversity : a primer for the human services Diller, Jerry Main Library
BC-67377 S 592.5 I58 2015 Introduction to soil chemistry : analysis and instrumentation Main Library
BC-67378 RC 1210 P73 2016 Essentials of athletic injury management Prentice, William E. Main Library
BC-67379 PE 1408 T87 2016 Writing essays : a guide for students in English and the humanities Turley, Richard Marggraf Main Library
BC-67380 RC 455.2 C4 S56 2015 What psychiatry left out of the DSM-5 : historical mental disorders today Shorter, Edward Main Library
BC-67381 LB 2326.3 R47 2016 Research in the college context : approaches and methods Main Library
BC-67382 PN 147 T56 2013 Writing for peer reviewed journals : strategies for getting published Thomson, Pat Main Library
BC-67383 HM 500 M36 2016 Visual, narrative and creative research methods : application, reflection and ethics Mannay, Dawn Main Library
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