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BC-70865 PR 6068 U75 Z76 2016 Salman Rushdie in the cultural marketplace Mendes, Ana Cristina Main Library
BC-70866 LG 988 U55 2012 UPCWS monographs & occasional papers series. Main Library
BC-70868 QK 47 S73 2018 Stern's introductory plant biology Bidlack, James E. Main Library
BC-70869 GC 11.2 S84 2017 Investigating oceanography Sverdrup, Keith A. Main Library
BC-70870 QB 45.2 S44 2018 Horizons : exploring the universe Seeds, Michael A. Main Library
BC-70871 PE 1404 W35 2017 Building writing skills : the hands-on way Walter, Jenia Main Library
BC-70872 QE 26.3 G66 2018 The good earth : introduction to earth science McConnell, David Main Library
BC-70873 QH 541.29 G66 2017 Applied ecology : monitoring, managing, and conserving Goodenough, Anne E. Main Library
BC-70874 TA 219 R87 2016 Forensic uses of digital imaging Russ, John C. Main Library
BC-70875 Q 183.9 X84 2016 Scientific computing with MATLAB Xue, Dingyu Main Library
BC-70876 QC 20.7 F73 A83 2014 Fractional calculus with applications in mechanics : vibrations and diffusion processes Atanackovic, Teodor M. Main Library
BC-70877 BF 201.3 W54 2017 Discursive psychology : theory, method and applications Wiggins, Sally Main Library
BC-70878 PN 81 K53 2017 Literary theory : the complete guide Klages, Mary Main Library
BC-70902 NK 8977 M39 2014 Textiles of Southeast Asia : tradition, trade, and transformation Maxwell, Robyn J. Main Library
BC-70960 KL 140 C87 2018 Customary tenure systems and REDD+ : ensuring benefits for indigenous peoples Main Library
BC-70962 In Process Enhancing indigenous peoples' development through Community-Based Monitoring and Information Systems (CBMIS) Christian Alexander Villaflor. Main Library
BC-70975 HD 82 S35 2017 Development management of transforming economies : theories, approaches and models for overall development Sciarelli, Fabiana Main Library
BC-70981 BJ 1463 W3513 2009 Neurophilosophy of free will : from libertarian illusions to a concept of natural autonomy Walter, Henrik Main Library
BC-70982 QD 453.3 A882 2014 Physical chemistry : a very short introduction Atkins, P. W. Main Library
BC-70984 B 3317 N54 2009 Nietzsche and Levinas : "after the death of a certain God" Main Library
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