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BC-71023 PS 153 I52 J87 2018 Why indigenous literatures matter Justice, Daniel Health Main Library
BC-71024 GN 345 H36 2008 Handbook of critical and indigenous methodologies Main Library
BC-71025 G 50 I53 2018 Indigenous knowledge for climate change assessment and adaptation Main Library
BC-71026 GN 380 C45 2012 Indigenous research methodologies Chilisa, Bagele Main Library
BC-71027 K 3247 C75 2019 Critical indigenous rights studies Main Library
BC-71028 E 78 C2 D53 2019 Indigenous peoples within Canada : a concise history Dickason, Olive Patricia Main Library
BC-71029 GN 380 I5222 2016 Indigenous pathways into social research : voices of a new generation Main Library
BC-71030 GN 380 I5223 2017 Indigenous people and mobile technologies Main Library
BC-71031 GN 380 S68 2017 Sources and methods in indigenous studies Main Library
BC-71032 JV 305 S26 2017 Indigenous peoples and colonialism : global perspectives Samson, Colin Main Library
BC-71033 QP 518.3 P45 2011 Biochemistry Pelley, John W. Main Library
BC-71034 QD 466 S78 2018 A guide to the elements Stwertka, Albert Main Library
BC-71035 QK 45.2 A76 2014 How the Earth turned green : a brief 3.8-billion-year history of plants Armstrong, Joseph E. Main Library
BC-71036 PN 56 U8 W34 2013 Postmodern Utopias and Feminist Fictions Wagner-Lawlor, Jennifer A. Main Library
BC-71037 PR 830 W65 E36 2013 The short story and the First World War Einhaus, Ann-Marie Main Library
BC-71039 B 2430 D454 D45 2010 The Deleuze dictionary Main Library
BC-71040 HB 74 P8 C69 2010 The soulful science : what economists really do and why it matters Coyle, Diane Main Library
BC-71041 HB 74 P8 A44 2010 Animal spirits : how human psychology drives the economy, and why it matters for global capitalism Akerlof, George A. Main Library
BC-71042 GA 151 W66 2008 The natures of maps : cartographic constructions of the natural world Wood, Denis Main Library
BC-71043 QD 453.2 A88 2014 Atkins' physical chemistry Atkins, P. W. Main Library
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