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ACD-1836 Thesis Validating the market structure, efficiency, and performance hypotheses : Caringal, Jillian Muriel M. Main Library
ACD-1837 Thesis A slice of Baguio's culture : consumer decision-making towards selected homegrown pizza restaurants in Baguio City Carullo, Kimjoy L. Main Library
ACD-1840 Thesis Business models of selected surfing schools in Sabang, Baler, Aurora Refuerzo, Adrian Erissle A. Main Library
ACD-1841 Thesis Effects of foreign bank presence on the performance of selected Philippine banks, 2009-2017 San Juan, Clarisse Joy E. Main Library
ACD-1842 Thesis Price determinants of Airbnb listings in Baguio City : a Hedonic pricing approach Santiago, Arielle Anne S. Main Library
ACD-1855 Thesis Pollution halo or pollution haven : the relationship of foreign direct investments and carbon dioxide emissions in the Philippines Mendoza, Veiya Mariah T. Main Library
ACD-1856 Thesis Ambahan : revisiting the verbal art and literary product of the Hanunoo-Mangyans of Mindoro Peroy, Jenny Mei S. Main Library
ACD-1857 Thesis Tourism management in Ilocos Norte : an economic impact, potential, and sustainability analysis Pinalas, Asante Jamil J. Main Library
ACD-1858 Thesis Concept of clean among the Agtas in San Pablo, Isabela Puzon, Maraya Sweet Novernia S. Main Library
ACD-1859 Thesis The perceptions and attitudes towards cyberbullying of selected Filipino internet users Reyes, Lorenz Coleen T. Main Library
ACD-1860 Thesis Is media an instrument of the dictatorship? : Fookien Times Philippines Yearbook during the Philippine Martial Law (1972-1981) Rumbaoa, Recy-Jane Main Library
ACD-1861 Thesis The determinants of services sector growth in the Philippines Taneo, Jessica Jasmine M. Main Library
ACD-1862 Thesis Mauyung : portrayal of mental illness in Ilocano culture through the analysis of their labelling terms Torino, Winston Mao C. Main Library
ACD-1863 Thesis Everyday lives of the people of Guimba, Nueva Ecija during the Japanese Occupation, 1941-1945 Velasco, Chini Lyn R. Main Library
ACD-1864 Thesis Sexual orientation as a variable affecting earnings : the case of call/contact centers in Baguio City Villafuerte, Ray Andrew P. Main Library
ACD-1866 Thesis Interpretation of the effects of the OFW phenomenon to the contemporary Filipino family through animated clips Duran, Katrina Nicole M. Main Library
ACD-1867 Thesis Baguio youth reception of the representation of indigenous cultures in ABS-CBN's "Bagani" Agapito, Gemerald Zabat Main Library
ACD-1868 Thesis The impact of Robin Padilla's image as a film protagonist on the communicative behavior of indigenous high school students of Tinoc, Ifugao Castro, Romarie F. Main Library
ACD-1869 Thesis Reading the Baguio City night market as space Francisco, Kara Ysabelle Odtuhan Main Library
ACD-1870 Thesis The manifestations of different methods of persuasion in beauty vlogs Junatas, Jannah Lei Bautista Main Library
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