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BC-70745 BF 121 A4 P54 2017 Conceptual & historical issues in psychology Piekkola, Brad Main Library
BC-70779 RC 627.8 I54 2001 Inherited disorders of metabolism in the newborn : a guide for primary physicians Main Library
BC-70800 GR 325 C44 1990 Gabi and the Engkanto : the story of the first gabi plant and why it's leaves never get wet Chorengel, Marla Yokoto Main Library
BC-70806 TX 652 D3 1998 Budget meals Main Library
BC-70808 HG 4928.5 D84 2017 The buy side : a Wall Street trader's tale of spectacular excess Duff, Turney Main Library
BC-70823 QC 981.8 G56 W38 2007 Global warming and the future of the earth Watts, Robert G. Main Library
BC-70824 PR 778 T72 A54 2018 Anglo-American travelers and the hotel experience in nineteenth-century literature : nation, hospitality, travel writing Main Library
BC-70825 PN 187 K64 2017 Composition, creative writing studies, and the digital humanities Koehler, Adam Main Library
BC-70826 PL 3097 S5 W36 2018 Classical Chinese poetry in Singapore : witnesses to social and cultural transformations in the Chinese community Wang, Bing Main Library
BC-70827 QA 372 C67 2016 Functional differential equations : advances and applications Corduneanu, Constantin Main Library
BC-70828 BP 63 A4 A73 2017 Political Islam and the Arab uprising : Islamist politics in changing times Siddiqui, Fazzur Rahman Main Library
BC-70829 P 35 O88 2019 The anthropology of language : an introduction to linguistic anthropology Ottenheimer, Harriet Main Library
BC-70830 P 311 T78 2017 Poetic conventions as cognitive fossils Tsur, Reuven Main Library
BC-70831 DS 689 M2 D64 2016 Feeding Manila in peace and war, 1850-1945 Doeppers, Daniel F. Main Library
BC-70832 QA 331.7 W865 2016 A Matlab companion to complex variables Wunsch, A. David Main Library
BC-70833 QA 76.73 C15 R63 2008 C programming language Robles, Jonathan A. Main Library
BC-70834 P 301 N53 2019 Becoming rhetorical : analyzing and composing in a multimedia world Nicotra, Jodie Main Library
BC-70835 P 118.25 N49 2017 New perspectives on translanguaging and education Main Library
BC-70836 BJ 1521 A44 2015 Character as moral fiction Alfano, Mark Main Library
BC-70837 PN 6231 B8 W44 2012 Literary blunders : a chapter in the "History of human error" Wheatley, Henry B. Main Library
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