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BC-70606 PS 3562 A4645 B57 2002 Blue shoe Lamott, Anne Main Library
BC-70607 BF 323 S63 L54 2007 You can read anyone : never be fooled, lied to, or taken advantage of again Lieberman, David J. Main Library
BC-70619 PN 1995 D46 1975 Film and the critical eye DeNitto, Dennis Main Library
BC-70623 BH 301 K5 O43 1999 The artificial kingdom : a treasury of the kitsch experience Olalquiaga, Celeste Main Library
BC-70626 PS 9993 H24 G36 1996 The gangster of love Hagedorn, Jessica Tarahata Main Library
BC-70627 TD 195 E49 G56 2018 Introduction to energy and climate : developing a sustainable environment Gines, Julie K. Main Library
BC-70628 QD 453.3 M48 2012 The physical chemist's toolbox Metzger, R. M. Main Library
BC-70629 QH 541 S64 2016 Ecological methods Handerson, P.A. Main Library
BC-70630 HV 6545 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of suicide and self-injury Main Library
BC-70631 BF 76.4 K63 2017 Practical ethics for psychologists : a positive approach Knapp, Samuel J. Main Library
BC-70632 P 306.94 P96 2017 Translation solutions for many languages : histories of a flawed dream Pym, Anthony Main Library
BC-70633 QA 9.54 M33 2017 An introduction to proof through real analysis Madden, Daniel J. Main Library
BC-70634 HM 1206 S66 2016 Media effects research : a basic overview Sparks, Glenn Grayson Main Library
BC-70635 PR 428 L37 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of English law and literature, 1500-1700 Main Library
BC-70636 PR 428 R46 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of early modern English literature and religion Main Library
BC-70637 P 325.5 E96 O94 2018 The Oxford handbook of evidentiality Main Library
BC-70638 PR 3091 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of Shakespeare and performance Main Library
BC-70639 K 3224 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of citizenship Main Library
BC-70640 P 291.5 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of ergativity Main Library
BC-70641 B 823 B56 2017 The Bloomsbury anthology of transcendental thought : from antiquity to the Anthropocene Main Library
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