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BC-64842 PS 9993 S232 O32 2012 Of love and other lemons Santiago, Katrina Stuart Main Library
BC-65292 GN 380 M34 32014 Indigenous Peoples' Sustainable, Self-Determined Development (IPSSDD) : a training course for community trainers Magata, Helen Main Library
BC-65358 PS 9993 S55 H68 2010 How long till September? Simon, Tanya Sevilla Main Library
BC-65436 HD 87 M3 2012 Skills development pathways in Asia Martinez-Fernandez, Cristina Main Library
BC-65823 PL 6155 P34 2014 Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon at iba pang dula Main Library
BC-66161 HJ 2167 T84 2015 2016 people's proposed budget Main Library
BC-66368 NA 1527 C32 2015 What kids should know about Philippine architecture Cabalfin, Edson Main Library
BC-66474 RA 410.55 P6 C67 2016 The cost of illness of exposure to elevated levels of PM10 in the Baguio City central business district, Philippines Costales, Achilles Main Library
BC-66482 P 26 V57 P37 2016 Parabur : essays on language, culture, education : in honor of Dr. Alegria Tan Visaya Main Library
BC-66575 GR 326.2 I35 P85 2006 Pumbakhayon : an origin myth of the Ifugao Hudhud Main Library
BC-66576 GR 326.2 I35 H34 2006 Halikpon : a retelling of an ancient Ifugao chant Main Library
BC-66598 G 1021 A84 2015 Atlas ng mga bansa sa mundo. Main Library
BC-66607 GE 105 M542 2015 Living in the environment Miller, G. Tyler Main Library
BC-66659 ML 60 G37 A93 2014 An audiovisual exploration of Philippine music : the historical contribution of Robert Garfias Main Library
BC-66776 PL 6178.4 U73 K37 2016 Ti karamba ni Insiang : and other stories Urata, Jose P. Main Library
BC-66777 PL 6178.4 J85 U43 2016 Umayka manen, ganggannaet : dandaniw = Come again, stranger : poems Julian, Peter La. Main Library
BC-66783 PL 6177.8 D34 2015 Dagiti premiado a sarita Amado I. ken Gloria P. Yoro, Francisco T. ken Aurora C. Ponce, ken Fred A. ken Cherry S. Quibol ; dagiti editor, Cles B. Rambaud, Juan Al. Asuncion. Main Library
BC-66785 PL 6177.8 A67 2016 Antolohia dagiti sarita nga Ilokano Main Library
BC-66786 PL 5752 T37 2012 Tarabay iti ortograpia ti pagsasao nga Ilokano. Main Library
BC-66791 GN 432 R47 2014 Journey of a thousand shuttles : the Philippine weave Respicio, Norma Absing Main Library
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