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BC-70392 QP 360.5 P37 2016 Cognitive neuroscience : a very short introduction Passingham, R. E. Main Library
BC-70393 PL 913.4 K64 2017 Essential Korean phrasebook & dictionary Koh, Soyeung Main Library
BC-70394 PN 56 M55 W45 2014 The Ashgate encyclopedia of literary and cinematic monsters Weinstock, Jeffrey Andrew Main Library
BC-70395 QC 991 A53 2017 Cyclones and earthquakes : the Jesuits, prediction, trade, and Spanish dominion in Cuba and the Philippines, 1850-1898 Anduaga, Aitor Main Library
BC-70396 DS 682 A1 I44 2017 Knowledge and pacification : on the U.S. conquest and the writing of Philippine history Ileto, Reynaldo Clemena Main Library
BC-70397 HB 139 V47 2017 A guide to modern econometrics Verbeek, Marno Main Library
BC-70398 PE 2751 W67 2018 World Englishes : rethinking paradigms Main Library
BC-70399 PR 4688 C66 2016 A companion to George Eliot Main Library
BC-70400 PS 374 N4 B33 2017 A history of the African American novel Babb, Valerie Melissa Main Library
BC-70401 PR 149 F66 B69 2017 A history of food in literature : from the fourteenth century to the present Boyce, Charlotte Main Library
BC-70402 HD 82 P38 2016 Introduction to development studies Pattanaik, B. K. Main Library
BC-70403 PR 51 G7 E212 2017 Doing English : a guide for literature students Eaglestone, Robert Main Library
BC-70414 In Process Ullalim Banna : a Kalinga epic Constantino, Ernesto Main Library
BC-70418 In Process Hay maphod an kalin Jesus Kristo : an intudok Markos. Main Library
BC-70419 PS 379 O47 2017 The Cambridge introduction to contemporary American fiction Olster, Stacey Michele Main Library
BC-70420 PN 471 D53 2017 At home in the world : women writers and public life, from Austen to the present DiBattista, Maria Main Library
BC-70421 R 118 R68 2017 The Routledge handbook of language and health communication Main Library
BC-70422 RA 790.6 C66 2018 Community mental health : challenges for the 21st century Main Library
BC-70423 H 62 C732 2018 Designing and conducting mixed methods research Creswell, John W. Main Library
BC-70424 GB 10 D53 2016 The dictionary of physical geography Main Library
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