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ACD-1744 Thesis Women economic empowerment and child health outcomes : an analysis of the National Demographic and Health Survey, 2013 Bermas, Cheenie Rose B. Main Library
ACD-1745 Thesis Language and development : an analysis of the relation of languages spoken and human development index per Philippine province Bonina, Maria Katrina G. Main Library
ACD-1746 Thesis Factors affecting the productivity of coffee farms in selected municipalities in Benguet Buensuceso, Christine Joy B. Main Library
ACD-1747 Thesis Rate of returns to investment in education of women in the Philippines in 2015 Cabacungan, Princess Joy M. Main Library
ACD-1748 Thesis Increasing productivity of micro- and small-scale enterprises : a study of the One Town, One Product (OTOP) weaving enterprises in Bangar, La Union Cepriaso, Lorigene Marie I. Main Library
ACD-1749 Thesis Paradiplomatic engagements : Baguio City and its sisterhood agreements, 1969-2017 Damian, Emil Miah B. Main Library
ACD-1750 Thesis Women's empowerment and the fertility preferences of married women in the Philippines De Leon, Kristiana Marie E. Main Library
ACD-1751 Thesis The effects of Greenfield investment and Mergers and Acquisitions on economic growth in the Philippines (1990-2017) Dispo, Jezza Jae B. Main Library
ACD-1752 Thesis Correlating financial development and financial structure to economic growth Espinosa, Tresia May C. Main Library
ACD-1753 Thesis Budget expenditures of government programs to protect overseas Filipino workers Ilas, Krizelle Mae A. Main Library
ACD-1754 Thesis Household head characteristics and levels of expenditure on education in the Ilocos Region in 2015 Loresco, Joanne A. Main Library
ACD-1755 Thesis Comparing several measures of economic development to the case of the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) from 1997 to 2015 Marquez, Princess Marie F. Main Library
ACD-1756 Thesis The impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) on domestic investment in the Philippines Munda Cruz, Jhemar R. Main Library
ACD-1757 Thesis The effectivity of the implementation of the 4Ps in Agoo, La Union Quilates, Carolina T. Main Library
ACD-1758 Thesis Quit, reduce, or substitute : smokers' response to Sin Tax Reform Law of 2012 Sumook, Aldrin G. Main Library
BC-67908 BF 637 C6 C58 2017 Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy Corey, Gerald Main Library
BC-69217 GB 5014 N38 2011 Nature's extremes : earthquakes, tsunamis and the other natural disasters that shape life on Earth Main Library
BC-69314 HD 57.7 H39 1995 Reawakening the spirit in work Hawley, Jack Main Library
BC-69467 PS 9993 B73 M34 2016 Magdalena : a novel Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra Main Library
BC-69503 D 802 P5 D48 2016 Kulaboretor! : the issue of political collaboration during World War II De Viana, Augusto V. Main Library
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