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BC-70544 PS 169 E25 Z37 2017 Literature as cultural ecology : sustainable texts Zapf, Hubert Main Library
BC-70652 P 116 W65 2016 The kingdom of speech Wolfe, Tom Main Library
BC-70446 QA 76.9 A25 W54 2012 Low tech hacking : street smarts for security professionals Wiles, Jack Main Library
BC-70579 PN 1993.5 E37 W59 1971 New cinema in Eastern Europe Whyte, Alistair Main Library
BC-70429 P 302 W37 2018 Discourse analysis : the questions discourse analysts ask and how they answer them Waring, Hansun Zhang Main Library
BC-70474 PQ 1998.3 W34 /A3 1989 Double vision : my life in film Wajda,Andrzej Main Library
BC-70704 JQ 750 A58 V83 2010 Paths to development in Asia : South Korea, Vietnam,and Indonesia Vu, Tuong Main Library
BC-70498 DS 678.8 S64 V7192 1980 Soliman: unang bayani ng maynila Villanueva, Rene O. Main Library
BC-70499 PL 6165.4 V7192 1980 Ang pag-big ni Mariang Makiling: bakit nagtampo and diwata ng bundok makiling? Villanueva, Rene O. Main Library
BC-70473 PQ8498.32 A65 E413 1988 In praise of the stepmother Vargas Llosa,Mario Main Library
BC-70571 PQ 8498.32 A65 /Cap 1978 Captain Pantoja and the special service Vargas Llosa, Mario Main Library
BC-70599 PR 6120 O73 S25 2007 Salmon fishing in the Yemen Torday, Paul Main Library
BC-70487 P 120 S48 T65 2014 Gender-fair language : a primer Tongson, Angela Main Library
BC-70594 PN 1998.3 B48 T66 1995 Bernardo Bertolucci : the cinema of ambiguity Tonetti, Claretta Mitcheletti Main Library
BC-70604 N 7346 M32 T36 2009 Walking Macao, reading the Baroque Tambling, Jeremy Main Library
BC-70729 P 120 V37 T34 2016 Making waves : the story of variationist sociolinguistics Tagliamonte, Sali A. Main Library
BC-70705 PR 6037 T617 D7 2004 Dracula Stoker, Bram Main Library
BC-70646 QC 174.17 D37 S73 2017 Introduction to topological quantum matter & quantum computation Stanescu, Tudor D. Main Library
UBULB0089246 Archives Communication in the hybrid space identity, power and counter-power, and, the (re)constructed meaning of social mobilization Sta. Maria-Abalos, Cecilia Fe L. Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
UBULB0089247 Archives Social mobilization in the Net Space : re-constructed communication, identity and power Sta. Maria-Abalos, Cecilia Fe L. Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
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