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BC-69217 GB 5014 N38 2011 Nature's extremes : earthquakes, tsunamis and the other natural disasters that shape life on Earth Main Library
BC-69481 DS 12 C43 2015 Changing cultures and religious practices in Asia Main Library
BC-69505 HC 79 P6 P38 2016 Pathways out of poverty : selected essays from the Angelo King Institute for Economic and Business Studies Main Library
BC-69517 DS 663 K75 2015 Kritikal na espasyo ng kulturang popular Main Library
BC-69897 DT 1058 S36 R47 2018 Research and activism among the Kalahari San today : ideals, challenges, and debates Main Library
BC-69967 LB 1707 D48 2011 Developing research in teacher education Main Library
BC-70093 TP 248.25 C4 B56 2017 Bioprocessing for cell based therapies Main Library
BC-70099 QD 40 U85 2013 Using food to stimulate interest in the chemistry classroom Main Library
BC-70110 GE 300 T73 2016 Transformational change in environmental and natural resource management : guidelines for policy excellence Main Library
BC-70253 QC 903 G74 2018 Green climate fund readiness and indigenous peoples : the cases of Peru, Nicaragua, Kenya, democratic republic of Congo and Vietnam Main Library
BC-70311 HV 636 2013 P6 B85 2016 Building back better : a democratic accountability assessment of service delivery after typhoon Haiyan Main Library
BC-70320 DS 524.4 A84 2017 The ASEAN drama : half a century and still unfolding Main Library
BC-70338 GB 1201.72 M32 A45 2017 All rivers great and small : a glimpse of Philippine rivers from the notes and lenses of Filipino researchers Main Library
BC-70348 BD 95 E97 2017 Experimental metaphysics Main Library
BC-70361 P 118.5 L36 2018 Language teacher psychology Main Library
BC-70362 P 306.947 T73 2018 Translating for the community Main Library
BC-70363 PR 9184.3 C36 2017 The Cambridge companion to Canadian literature Main Library
BC-70364 PE 1128 A2 P74 2017 Preparing teachers to teach English as an international language Main Library
BC-70372 DS 689 M24 M34 2014 Manila : selected papers of the 23rd Annual Manila Studies Conference, Teatrillo, Casa Manila, Intramuros, August 7-9, 2014 Main Library
BC-70379 P 53.45 T43 2018 Teaching intercultural competence across the age range : from theory to practice Main Library
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