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BC-70178 In Process CJ : realities and challenges Main Library
BC-70338 GB 1201.72 M32 A45 2017 All rivers great and small : a glimpse of Philippine rivers from the notes and lenses of Filipino researchers Main Library
BC-70372 DS 689 M2 M46 2015 Manila : selected papers of the 23rd Annual Manila Studies Conference, Teatrillo, Casa Manila, Intramuros, August 7-9, 2014 Main Library
BC-70412 In Process Bidan adi makal-iwan = unforgettable stories. Main Library
BC-70422 RA 790.6 C65 2018 Community mental health : challenges for the 21st century Main Library
BC-70432 PE 1460 E64 2018 English usage guides : history, advice, attitudes Main Library
BC-70436 PL 2283 O94 2017 The Oxford handbook of classical Chinese literature (1000 BCE-900 CE) Main Library
BC-70440 SB 976 M55 M53 2017 Microbial control of insect and mite pests : from theory to practice Main Library
BC-70449 RA 643.7 A78 P67 2006 Population dynamics and infectious diseases in Asia Main Library
BC-70450 DS 595 M34545 2017 Malaysians and their identities Main Library
BC-70455 QH 77.3 I63 2006 Indigenous people & the convention on biological diversity Main Library
BC-70456 KPM 2315 L62 1993 Local government code of 1991 : R.A.7160. Main Library
BC-70461 PN 1993.5 A1 G74 2013 The greatest movies you'll never see: unseen masterpieces by the world's greatest directors Main Library
BC-70489 HQ 1181 P5 R48 Review of women's studies. Main Library
BC-70490 HQ 1181 P5 R48 Review of women's studies. Main Library
BC-70501 PL 5523 D55 1986 Diksyunaryong adarna: mga salita at larawan para sa bata. Main Library
BC-70503 DS 668 K43 2005 Kasaysayang bayan : sampung aralin sa kasaysayang Pilipino. Main Library
BC-70518 LG 998 U54 2015 2015 women and men in the University of the Philippines : a statistical handbook Main Library
BC-70534 QK 861 B56 2015 Main Library
BC-70536 BF 724.55 A35 A35 2018 Aging wisely ... wisdom of our elders Main Library
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