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BC-70607 BF 323 S63 L54 2007 You can read anyone : never be fooled, lied to, or taken advantage of again Lieberman, David J. Main Library
BC-69507 PS 9993 M45 W75 2016 Writing naked : a memoir Mejia, Arnie Quibranza Main Library
BC-70690 PE 1408 H685 2018 Writing matters : a handbook for writing and research Howard, Rebecca Moore Main Library
BC-70119 D 20 G68 2013 World history : journeys from the past to present Goucher, Candice Lee Main Library
BC-70398 PE 2751 W67 2018 World Englishes : rethinking paradigms Main Library
BC-70549 PE 1404 B74 2018 Workplace writing : beyond the text Bremner, Stephen Main Library
BC-70376 PR 438 P65 G55 2017 Women writing the English republic, 1625-1681 Gillespie, Katharine Main Library
BC-70050 JC 599 U5 S86 2014 Why nudge? : the politics of libertarian paternalism Sunstein, Cass R. Main Library
BC-71023 PS 153 I52 J87 2018 Why indigenous literatures matter Justice, Daniel Health Main Library
BC-70049 GB 1201.7 F53 2017 Where the river flows : scientific reflections on earth's waterways Fleming, Sean W. Main Library
BC-71299 JK 468 I6 L47 2015 When should state secrets stay secret? : accountability, democratic governance, and intelligence Lester, Genevieve Main Library
BC-70172 PL 6172.4 V54 W34 2017 Wala'y igsoon Villagonzalo, Juan Irles Main Library
BG-16982 GF 852 P6 L48 Wagering the land : ritual, capital, and environmental degradation in the Cordillera of northern Luzon, 1900-1986 Lewis, Martin W. Main Library
BC-70696 PE 1128 A2 C68 2018 Vocabulary and English for specific purposes research : quantitative and qualitative perspectives Coxhead, Averil Main Library
BC-66146 DS 688 V5 V57 2014 Visayas and beyond : continuing studies on subsistence and belief in the islands Main Library
BC-70099 QD 40 U85 2013 Using food to stimulate interest in the chemistry classroom Main Library
BC-70339 AZ 182 B37 2017 Using digital humanities in the classroom : a practical introduction for teachers, lecturers, and students Battershill, Claire Main Library
BC-70728 P 118.13 U83 2016 Usage-based approaches to language acquisition : cognitive and corpus investigations of construction grammar Main Library
BC-70380 P 40.5 U73 U73 2018 Urban sociolinguistics : the city as a linguistic process and experience Main Library
BC-70866 LG 988 U55 2012 UPCWS monographs & occasional papers series. Main Library
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