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BC-70534 QK 861 B56 2015 Main Library
BC-70518 LG 998 U54 2015 2015 women and men in the University of the Philippines : a statistical handbook Main Library
BC-70577 PN 1995 M248 2000 A century of films : Derek Malcolm's personal best Malcolm, Derek Main Library
BC-70401 PR 149 F66 B69 2017 A history of food in literature : from the fourteenth century to the present Boyce, Charlotte Main Library
BC-70400 PS 374 N4 B33 2017 A history of the African American novel Babb, Valerie Melissa Main Library
BC-70454 LC 196.5 P6 S54 2018 A liberating education for Filipinos: critical notes of an insurgent scholar Simbulan, Roland G. Main Library
GRC-2240 HD 31 S55 1997 Administrative behavior : a study of decision-making processes in administrative organizations Simon, Herbert A. Graduate Resource Center
UBULB0089250 Archives ADSDPP as roadmap to sustainable future of IP communities Abansi, Corazon L. Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
BC-70536 BF 724.55 A35 A35 2018 Aging wisely ... wisdom of our elders Main Library
BC-70276 HG 4638 C67 2012 All about candlestick charting : the easy way to get started Corbitt, Wayne A. Main Library
BG-16607 HG 4638 C67 2012 All about candlestick charting : the easy way to get started Corbitt, Wayne A. Main Library
BC-70338 GB 1201.72 M32 A45 2017 All rivers great and small : a glimpse of Philippine rivers from the notes and lenses of Filipino researchers Main Library
BC-70445 P 107 F76 2017 An introduction to language Fromkin, Victoria Main Library
BC-70649 LC 3715 C68 2018 An introduction to multilingualism : language in a changing world Coulmas, Florian Main Library
BC-70469 InProcess An introduction to physical science Shipman, James T. Main Library
BC-70633 QA 9.54 M33 2017 An introduction to proof through real analysis Madden, Daniel J. Main Library
BC-70598 PE 1479 C7 A77 2011 Analysis and critique : how to engage and write about anything Armstrong, Dorsey Main Library
UBULB0089251 Archives Analysis of age-structured malaria transmission model Addawe, Joel M. Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
BC-70465 In Process Anatomy & physiology : the unity of form and function Saladin, Kenneth S. Main Library
BC-70499 PL 6165.4 V7192 1980 Ang pag-big ni Mariang Makiling: bakit nagtampo and diwata ng bundok makiling? Villanueva, Rene O. Main Library
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