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UBULB0073074 Cordillera Monograph "Beyond the commerce of man" : street vending, sidewalks, and public spaces in a mountain city in the Philippines Yeoh, Seng-Guan Main Library
BC-70385 GN 281 R45 2017 50 great myths of human evolution : understanding misconceptions about our origins Relethford, John Main Library
BC-70399 PR 4688 C66 2016 A companion to George Eliot Main Library
BC-70383 P 217 S55 2017 A critical introduction to phonology : functional and usage-based perspectives Silverman, Daniel Doron Main Library
BC-70397 HB 139 V47 2017 A guide to modern econometrics Verbeek, Marno Main Library
BC-71034 QD 466 S78 2018 A guide to the elements Stwertka, Albert Main Library
BC-70724 PR 411 H35 2017 A handbook of English Renaissance literary studies Main Library
BC-70387 PR 442 R53 2017 A History of eighteenth-century British literature Richetti, John J. Main Library
BC-70401 PR 149 F66 B69 2017 A history of food in literature : from the fourteenth century to the present Boyce, Charlotte Main Library
BC-70400 PS 374 N4 B33 2017 A history of the African American novel Babb, Valerie Melissa Main Library
BC-70454 LC 196.5 P6 S55 2018 A liberating education for Filipinos : critical notes of an insurgent scholar Simbulan, Roland G. Main Library
BC-70832 QA 331.7 W865 2016 A Matlab companion to complex variables Wunsch, A. David Main Library
BC-71019 GR 877 B53 2018 A mosaic of indigenous legal thought : legendary tales and other writings Black, C. F. Main Library
GRC-3556 HB 139 S79 2017 A practical guide to using econometrics Studenmund, A. H. Graduate Resource Center
BC-70848 HB 851 W67 2017 A world of populations : transnational perspectives on demography in the twentieth century Main Library
BC-70847 HQ 1063.2 A78 A38 2015 Active ageing in Asia Main Library
GRC-2240 HD 31 S55 1997 Administrative behavior : a study of decision-making processes in administrative organizations Simon, Herbert A. Graduate Resource Center
UBULB0089250 Archives ADSDPP as roadmap to sustainable future of IP communities Abansi, Corazon L. Cordillera/Northern Luzon Archives
BC-70536 BF 724.55 A35 A35 2018 Aging wisely ... wisdom of our elders Main Library
BC-70855 HE 9797 S329 2017 Airportness : the nature of flight Schaberg, Christopher Main Library
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