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BC-70458 Z 3298 A5 A53 1996 Critical issues in the Philippines research: a selected and annotated literature review on the women's movement, conflict in Luzon's Cordillera, Muslim autonomy, and recent political resistance Anderson, James N.(James Nelson) Main Library
GRC-3426 TX 911.3 P4 M44 2014 Human resource development in hotel industry Mehta, Basant Graduate Resource Center
BC-70806 TX 652 D3 1998 Budget meals Main Library
BC-70093 TP 248.25 C4 B56 2017 Bioprocessing for cell based therapies Main Library
BC-71280 TK 7871.99 M44 V65 2007 Latchup Voldman, Steven H. Main Library
BC-71451 TK 5105.88815 D48 2006 Semantic web and education Devedzic, Vladan Main Library
BC-70726 TK 5105.59 P47 2014 Network security Perez, Andre Main Library
BC-69770 TD 799.85 F69 2017 Electronic waste : toxicology and public health issues Fowler, Bruce A. Main Library
BC-70627 TD 195 E49 G56 2018 Introduction to energy and climate : developing a sustainable environment Gines, Julie K. Main Library
BC-70874 TA 219 R87 2016 Forensic uses of digital imaging Russ, John C. Main Library
BC-70457 TA 140 I28 A43 2013 Dominador I. Ilio : engineer, poet, writer Alamon, Arnold Main Library
BC-70440 SB 976 M55 M53 2017 Microbial control of insect and mite pests : from theory to practice Main Library
BC-70303 SB 191 R5 S56 1963 Growing rice in Sagada Scott, William Henry Main Library
BG-16978 S 302 C5 S68 Sourcebook on the Central Cordillera Agricultural Program. Main Library
BG-16543 RM 316 H37 2011 Drugs, society, & human behavior Hart, Carl L. Main Library
BG-16542 RM 316 H37 2011 Drugs, society, & human behavior Hart, Carl L. Main Library
BC-70217 RM 316 H37 2011 Drugs, society, & human behavior Hart, Carl L. Main Library
BC-70739 RJ 505 P6 H36 2016 Handbook of play therapy Main Library
BC-70779 RC 627.8 I54 2001 Inherited disorders of metabolism in the newborn : a guide for primary physicians Main Library
BC-70386 RC 488.5 R45 2018 Family therapy : an introduction to process, practice and theory Reiter, Michael D. Main Library
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