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ACD-1483 The vocal repertoire of the Ibaloi from Kabayan = Ang repertoryang pantinig ng Ibaloi sa Kabayan Santos, Ramon Pagayon Main Library
GRC-ACD-112 Information technology auditing and assurance Hall, James A. Graduate Resource Center
R-75eb Digital libraries principles and practices in a global environment Tedd, Lucy A. Main Library
R-99eb The economics of the enterprise for ASEAN initiative Naya, Seiji Main Library
BC-68994 An introduction to developmental psychology Main Library
BC-68995 Positive psychology in practice : promoting human flourishing in work, health, education, and everyday life Main Library
GRC-3347 Research @ SMU : connecting the dots Graduate Resource Center
BG-15950 PR 6031 A49 V57 1995 The virgin in the ice Peters, Ellis Main Library
ACD-1210 ACD-1210 Analytical chemistry : a chemist and laboratory technician's toolkit Ham, Bryan M. Main Library
ACD-1487 ACD-1487 Basic botany Main Library
ACD-1488 ACD-1488 Horticulture Main Library
BC-67256 AM 7 M36 2016 The manual of museum learning Main Library
BC-69091 AZ 105 D64 2016 Doing digital humanities : practice, training, research Main Library
BC-67170 AZ 105 N48 2016 A new companion to digital humanities Main Library
BC-67965 B 105 M4 J33 2012 A user's guide to thought and meaning Jackendoff, Ray Main Library
BC-67574 B 1247 H63 1972 Hobbes and Rousseau : a collection of critical essays Main Library
BC-67544 B 1297 C29 1994 The Cambridge companion to Locke Main Library
BC-67570 B 1571 M55 1971 Utilitarianism : with critical essays Mill, John Stuart Main Library
BC-67530 B 1607 C25 1998 The Cambridge companion to Mill Main Library
BG-15857 B 1607 M54 1968 Mill : a collection of critical essays Main Library
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