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ACD-1345 Thesis Morphoanatomical effects of zinc hyperaccumulation in Basella alba Baldo, Maria Christina B. Main Library
ACD-1346 Thesis Population dynamics of introduced (Pomacea canaliculata) and native (Pila scutata) snails in Dorongan Sawat, Mangatarem, Pangasinan Bantola, Dianne Marie Cassidy Main Library
ACD-1347 Thesis Aerobic biodegradation of 2,4,6-trichlorophenol by alkaliphilic bacteria isolated from a springwater source Barrameda, Isabela Maria G. Main Library
ACD-1348 Thesis Comparative assessment of molluscan abundance and diversity in limestone karsts in Baguio City and Mt. Sto. Tomas, Benguet Batle, Anthony Abiel S. Main Library
ACD-1349 Thesis Vermicidal properties of lantadene isolated from Lantana camara against invasive giant earthworms (Pheretima sp.) Bautista, Angelic Russel B. Main Library
ACD-1350 Thesis Isolation, identification, and phylogenetic analysis of isolated bacterial strains in a mine tailings site in Antamok, Itogon, Benguet Bautista, Jose Gabriel C. Main Library
ACD-1351 Thesis Screening for putative taxane-producing fungal endophytes from Rhizophora mucronata through genome mining Bautista, Sherrie Mae V. Main Library
ACD-1352 Thesis Screening for nematicidal properties and alkaline serine protease gene of fungi isolated from root-knot nematode-infected Daucus carota in Atok, Benguet Bernardino, Jerome Monroe P. Main Library
ACD-1353 Thesis Bacterial endophytes isolated from Brassica oleracea as potential biological control agents Borromeo, Kneekie Main Library
ACD-1354 Thesis Experimental investigation of a Batesian mimicry system involving the coral mimic Eucheuma arnoldii (Gigartinales: rhodophyta) Caasi, Olivier Josh C. Main Library
ACD-1355 Thesis Host non-specificity of associated bioluminescent Vibrio spp. in various Philippine cephalopods and spotted jellyfish Calantoc, Cherizh Joane M. Main Library
ACD-1356 Thesis Ovicidal activity of Philippine freshwater microalgae Castillo, Gebrelle S. Main Library
ACD-1357 Thesis Bioluminescent bacteria with high tolerance to mercury and lead as potential bioremediating agents Castro, Donna Lady S. Main Library
ACD-1358 Thesis Plant growth promoting properties of root fungal endophytes from Pinus kesiya seedlings Cepeda, Ralph Christopher B. Main Library
ACD-1365 Thesis The prevalence of massive Porites growth anomalies at three sites in Balayan Bay, Batangas Ibanez, Glaiza S. Main Library
ACD-1366 Thesis Cadmium uptake and tolerance of a eukaryotic microalga isolated from a mine tailings lake Imperial, Tyron Jethro G. Main Library
ACD-1370 Thesis Genetic diversity analysis of soybean (Glycine max) cultivars in the Philippines based on RAPD analysis Nomil, Jan Wyne T. Main Library
ACD-1373 Thesis Ethnobotanical knowledge and antibacterial screening of selected medicinal plants used by the Karao in Bokod, Benguet Padul, Mielyn J. Main Library
ACD-1374 Thesis Comparison of bird diversity and composition in the agricultural land and forested area of Mt. Kabuyao, Luzon, Philippines Picpican, Yvonne Riza S. Main Library
ACD-1375 Thesis B-lactamase inhibition activities of root bark endophytic fungi from Rhizophora mucronata Lam. Pitoc, Maria Tesalonica R. Main Library
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