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BC-67308 QP 550 K86 2013 Concepts in bioorganic chemistry Kumar, Uday Main Library
BC-67309 QD 75.2 C46 2013 Concepts in analytical chemistry Choudhary, Nand Lal Main Library
BC-67310 LB 1576 B46 2015 Grammar keepers : lessons that tackle students' most persistent problems once and for all, grades 4-12 Bernabei, Gretchen Main Library
BC-67311 GB 571 E36 G36 2016 Economic analysis of grassland management policy in inner Mongolia, China Liping, Gao Main Library
BC-67312 QC 715.4 E88 W36 2016 An estimation of the external cost of photovoltaic-oriented silicon production in China Wang, Zanxin Main Library
BC-67313 HD 1251 L26 K36 2016 Landowners' preferences for a payment for environmental services program : a case study in East Thailand Kamolthip, Sarun Main Library
BC-67314 In Process Clean air in, bad fumes out: benefits and costs of an alternative mode of public transportation system in Baguio City CBD, Philippines Catelo, Maria Angeles Main Library
BC-67315 HM 781 T78 H35 2016 Trust leadership, and money incentives and the promotion of participation in community - based recycling activity : which one works? Halimatussadiah, Alin Main Library
BC-67316 QH 75 I58 B66 2016 Intertemporal decisions for oneself and for a group and conservation decisions : evidence from a Thai coastal village Boonmanunt, Suparee Main Library
BC-67317 S 418.3 A87 B84 2016 Assessment of drives of deforestation and forest drgradation in eastern Samar and Davao Oriental-REDD-plus project sites : final report Bugayong,Leonida A. Main Library
BC-67318 S 944.5 P78 S48 2014 Assessment of good practices and lessons learned in protected area management in Southeast Asia Setyawati, Titiek Main Library
BC-67319 QH 91.75 A1 P43 2016 Tourism in marine protected areas : Experiences from Nha Trang Bay, Viet Nam Pham, Thi Thanh Thuy Main Library
BC-67320 HD 2741 I47 2015 Improving governance of tenure: enhancing guidance for the issuance of a unified tenure system. Main Library
BC-67321 QL 713.2 M37 2014 Philippine aquatic wildlife rescue and response manual series : marine mammals Main Library
BC-67322 QL 638.9 S53 2014 Philippine aquatic wildlife rescue and response manual series : sharks and rays Main Library
BC-67323 DS 687 F57 2016 First one hundred days : accomplishments of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte Main Library
BC-67324 QL 713.2 R43 2012 Red list status of marine mammals in the Philippines Main Library
BC-67325 HN 700.6 K78 O86 2016 The other Kuala Lumpur : living in the shadows of a globalising Southeast Asian city Main Library
BC-67326 PS 9993 B877 Z88 2016 Writer in exile/writer in revolt : critical perspectives on Carlos Bulosan Main Library
BC-67327 KPM 3466 V55 2012 Hour before dawn : the fall and uncertain rise of the Philippine Supreme Court Vitug, Marites Da˝guilan Main Library
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