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VDR-1350 Thesis Isolation, identification, and phylogenetic analysis analysis of isolated bacterial strains in a mine tailings site in Antamok, Itogon, Benguet Bautista, Jose Gabriel C. Main Library
VDR-1108 VDR-1108 The best of Jay Taruc Main Library
VDR-1107 VDR-1107 K'na the dreamweaver Main Library
VDR-1106 VDR-1106 Secret state of North Korea Main Library
VDR-1105 VDR-1105 Heneral Luna Main Library
UBULB0087524 Circulation-Monograph Five strategies for time management. Main Library
UBULB0087523 Circulation-Monograph Ten strategies for taking tests. Main Library
UBULB0087522 Circulation-Monograph Three strategies for preparing to take tests. Main Library
UBULB0087521 Circulation-Monograph Five strategies for listening and taking notes. Main Library
UBULB0087520 Circulation-Monograph Five strategies for reading quickly and successfully. Main Library
UBULB0087519 Circulation-Monograph Civil society : does it have meaning? Noumoff, S.J. Main Library
UBULB0087518 Circulation-Monograph Intervention in historical perspective Trachtenberg, Marc Main Library
UBULB0087517 Circulation-Monograph The reluctance to intervene Mandelbaum, Michael Main Library
UBULB0087515 Circulation-Monograph The utility of nuclear deterrence Jervis, Robert Main Library
UBULB0087513 Circulation-Monograph Redefining security Mathews, Jessica Tuchman Main Library
UBULB0087512 Circulation-Monograph The unimpressive record of atomic diplomacy Bundy, McGeorge Main Library
UBULB008751 Circulation-Monograph The obsolescence of war in the modern industrialized world Mueller, John Main Library
UBULB0087477 Circulation-Monograph The ethics of intervention Fisher, David Main Library
UBULB0086900 Cordillera-Monograph UP Center for Ethnomusicology Cordillera music instrument collection Yraola, Dayang MNT Main Library
UBULB0086899 Cordillera-Monograph Tapping ink, tattooing identities : tradition and modernity in contemporary Kalinga society, north Luzon, Philippines [Review] Griffin, P. Bion Main Library
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