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ACD-1571 Thesis Financial inclusion and economic growth in the Philippines, 1999-2016 Dulay, Paolo A. Main Library
ACD-1572 Thesis A survey of marine fishes with associated bioluminescent bacteria in Dasol, Pangasinan, Philippines Dumanew, Camille B. Main Library
ACD-1573 Thesis Skills mismatch : the case of over-qualification in two call centers in Metro Manila Dumaual, Ma. Elena G. Main Library
ACD-1582 Thesis The role of economic growth, government expenditures on education and health, and income per capita as determinants of human development in the Philippines from 1990 to 2015 Ferrer, Kleid Shaina Main Library
ACD-1589 Thesis Understanding the dilemmas of medical practice : applying Giddens' structuration theory to physician identity construction Guerrero, Leamari Q. Main Library
ACD-1590 Thesis Weak-form market efficiency : testing the presence of random walks in the Philippine stock market Hsieh, Christian L. Main Library
ACD-1591 Thesis In vitro and in vivo assessment of the antioxidant and anticholinesterase activities of Phaseolus vulgaris fruit ethanolic extract Iddoba, Francheska DG. Main Library
ACD-1592 Thesis Effect of time-varying exposure of magnetized water on seed germination and plant growth of Vigna radiata Jacildo, Jeanette P. Main Library
ACD-1594 Thesis A descriptive analysis of the Sagada Multipurpose Cooperative in fulfilling its expected roles Lazo, Sol M. Main Library
ACD-1595 Thesis The impact of the disparate water allocation on the irrigation methods of farmers in Barangay Matingkis, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija Licaycay, Pauline M. Main Library
ACD-1596 Thesis Factors influencing food consumption : the case of Korean food choice in Baguio City Limmong, Roma Dave B. Main Library
ACD-1597 Thesis An intergenerational analysis of the changes in the concept of beauty among the Ibaloys of Metro Baguio from 1926 to 2008 Logico, Seraiah Ann R. Main Library
ACD-1598 Thesis Stock options compensation practices of select publicly-listed companies in the Philippines Lopez, Mikaelah Joanne A. Main Library
ACD-1599 Thesis Experimental exposure of Acropora millepora and Pocillopora damicornis larvae to anionic and cationic surfactants Lopez, Ma. Victoria M. Main Library
ACD-1600 Thesis The life history of Sinai Cariņo Hamada (1912-1991) Loste, Kathleen D. Main Library
ACD-1601 Thesis Educational inputs and outcomes in public and private high schools in Tarlac province Magabilin, Cassandra Kate S. Main Library
ACD-1602 Thesis Feeding the nation, feeding the unrest : an economic and social history of rice production in Nueva Ecija, 1920-1954 Manalaysay, Ana Lorraine I. Main Library
ACD-1603 Thesis Value chain analysis of handwowen fabric products in Benguet Mariano, Janelle L. Main Library
ACD-1607 Thesis Cooperatives and its impact on the lives of farmers : applying the most significant change approach to the cases of two cooperatives in Ilocos Sur, Northern Philippines Molina, Abbygale C. Main Library
ACD-1608 Thesis The impact of outward foreign direct investment on domestic investments in the ASEAN-5 Mozo, Ma. Paula C. Main Library
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