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BC-65397 PL 6165.4 Z86 N48 2013 Ngumiti si Andoy Zuq, Xi Main Library
BC-67468 QD 31.2 Z85 2017 Chemical principles Zumdahl, Steven S. Main Library
BC-67660 P 217 Z75 2013 The sounds of language : an introduction to phonetics and phonology Zsiga, Elizabeth C. Main Library
BC-67466 QH 506 Z53 2016 Molecular biology : structure and dynamics of genomes and proteomes Zlatanova, Jordanka Main Library
BC-65119 QA 372 Z54 2013 A first course in differential equations with modeling applications Zill, Dennis G. Main Library
BC-67713 QA 331.7 Z55 2015 Complex analysis : a first course with applications Zill, Dennis G. Main Library
BC-67234 QC 903 Z53 2015 Mathematical and physical fundamentals of climate change Zhang, Zhihua Main Library
BC-66165 LB 1025.3 Z45 2014 Reflective teaching : an introduction Zeichner, Kenneth M. Main Library
BC-65605 TK 5103.48325 Z37 2014 Understanding LTE with MATLABŪ : from mathematical foundation to simulation, performance evaluation and implementation Zarrinkoub, Houman Main Library
BC-67683 LB 2395.3 Z33 2014 College reading : the science and strategies of expert readers Zadina, Janet Nay Main Library
BC-66052 QA 276.18 Z32 2014 Examples and problems in mathematical statistics Zacks, Shelemyahu Main Library
UBULB0086900 Cordillera-Monograph UP center for ethnomusicology Cordillera music instrument collection Yraola,Dayang Main Library
BC-67044 BF 511 Y68 1997 Voices of the heart Young, Ed Main Library
BC-64478 TK 7872 D48 Y46 2013 Energy harvesting autonomous sensor systems : design, analysis and practical implementation Yen, Kheng Tan Main Library
BC-65607 QA 312 Y43 2014 Problems and proofs in real analysis : theory of measure and integration Yeh, J Main Library
BC-66275 HC 59.72 E5 Y44 2015 Corporate capture of the International Development Agenda and why the SDGs cannot stop it Dakila Yee. Yee, Dakila Main Library
BC-67221 PE 1128 A2 Y38 2016 Applied English phonology Yavas, Mehmet S. Main Library
BC-68092 LG 995 2003 P49 /Y37 Ay-ayam : games Bontoc play in Samoki village Yasol, Joana L. Main Library
BC-68126 QH 371.3 M37 Y37 2014 Molecular evolution : a statistical approach Yang, Ziheng Main Library
BC-66997 HD 2891.85 Y36 2014 Ethnic Chinese business in Asia : history, culture and business enterprise Yan, Qinghuang Main Library
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